Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Claudia and Marc Auger

We met Kurt a couple years ago when we tried to sell our house with another realtor, a friend. Things went sour really quick with our friend realtor as we were promised the sky and the moon and we got nothing. So we pulled the house off the market and we tried to sell it a year after on our own for a very short time while in town. That didn't turn out as we expected either. We tried Grapevine and that was another disaster! Grapevine kept misplacing our sign, then the phone numbers were not ours etc, a nightmare! So you get the picture. Saving money is not always beneficial if you want the house sold, we learned that the hard way! So this time we wanted someone professional, that knew our area, Kanata. We just fell in love with Kurt the first time we met him, he made such a wonderful, professional and honest impression on us when we met him. He was one of the realtors that brought buyers to our home when we trying to sell it on our own the first time around. Of all the realtors that showed up with clients...Kurt was the only one we kept in mind and on facebook for when we were someday ready to try selling again.

By: Soffie Spurrill

I needed my house sold as soon as possible. Around xmas time is never the best time to put a house on the market. Had no fears as I was told Kurt would work very hard to find a buyer and he did. Fabulous job Kurt. I couldn't have asked for better. In the future if I need to buy or sell. Kurt will be the first person I call!

By: Dianne Brown

I can speak from experience...Kurt listed our home this week and so far he has been amazing! He brings enormous energy, enthusiasm and life experience. He has made us feel we are in very capable hands. Best of all, his positive attitude and sense of humour are contagious!

By: Gilles Latour

I will tell you this .... This man is Genuine, sincere and most of all Honest!! His caring ways makes you feel like you've known him for years. I would recommend Kurt to all of my friends and family.

By: Jeff Hopper

I've worked closely with Kurt and I can tell you that his work ethic, dedication to service and overall pride in what he does makes him a great choice as your representative.